Welcome to theophany frames, the brand new branch of Theophany. 

In our journey to bring God to light in movies, we realized that making video essays is hard work.

Don’t get us wrong, we still love it, and we’re going to keep making them.

But along the way, we watch a lot of movies, and we keep on finding God in them. For every video we release, we’ve probably watched 30 movies that got us thinking about one thing or another.

So here we will publish very short-form reflections to highlight what we’ve been watching, and what it has us thinking about. Think of these frames like the frames of a film, that are designed to help us reframe (see what we did?) the way you watch movies, or maybe the way you see God.

Please feel ever so free to comment, like, subscribe, follow, share, or interact in whatever way you feel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: all of our “frames” assume that you’ve seen the movie. If you do not want a movie spoiled, even if the movie is 60 years old, please watch the movie first.

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