The Coens for Lent

A 19-part series exploring Lenten themes through the filmography of the Coen Brothers, brought to you by 10+ different authors.

Blood Simple by Kevin Nye
Miller’s Crossing by Chad Hill
Hudsucker Proxy by Kevin Nye
The Big Lebowski by Elijah Davidson
The Man Who Wasn’t There by Kevin Nye
The Ladykillers by Kevin Nye
No Country for Old Men by Tyler Berkley
A Serious Man by Corey Vaughan
Inside Llewyn Davis by Kevin Nye
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs by Kevin Nye
Raising Arizona by Chase Weaver
Barton Fink by Kevin Nye
Fargo by Rebekah Robison
O Brother Where Art Thou by Jordan Hopkins
Intolerable Cruelty by Kevin Nye
Tuileries (from Paris Je T’aime) by Michael Shepherd
Burn After Reading by Kevin Harrington-Bain
True Grit by Steven Fekete
Hail, Caesar! by Mitch Wiley