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kevkevin nye is the founder and head-writer for Theophany and theophany frames. He holds an MDiv from Fuller Theological Seminary, and an expired minister’s license from the Church of the Nazarene. (It’s a long story.) His primary area of interest is in a theology of homelessness, on which he is currently writing his first book, expected in 2022. You can follow along at his website, Twitter, or Facebook.

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chase weaver is a former case manager, current administrative stooge in support of a radical staff in the field of homelessness services. Cat-dad, human-spouse, trivia repository, budding freelance editor, and M. Div. holder (non-ordained, non-interested). You can catch him being political on Facebook, posting cat pics on Instagram, “reviewing” movies on Letterboxd, and doing a whole lot of nothing on Twitter which is, not unlike Chase himself, a work in progress. 

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layne sheetz is a high school English teacher in Cedar Rapids, Iowa who also moonlights as a pastor.  He holds a Mdiv from Fuller Theological Seminary and has began and ended more than one ordination process in his day.  Layne hosts the podcast and so we meet again with his wife Anna.  Leading church discussions about racism and working to dismantle literary whiteness in the classroom are two huge passions of his.  You may want to watch for a new podcast experience coming in 2021.  You can find his podcast here (and so we meet again), follow him on twitter @laynemsheetz or instagram @laynesheetz.

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jeff kaetzel is the Pastor of Student Ministries at Community Covenant Church in Santa Barbara, CA. He was born and raised in Oakland, CA. He is a historian, a theologian, a pastor, a husband and a coffee enthusiast. He holds a Bachelors of Arts in History from the University of California, Berkeley as well as a Masters of Arts in History from San Francisco State University. He also holds a Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary and is pursuing ordination to Word and Sacrament in the Evangelical Covenant Church.

Guest Writers

NOTE: All guest writers are offered edits but are not required to take them – therefore the views represented in posts marked as “guest writer” do not necessarily reflect the views of the Theophany team, even if they have met a minimum standard. 

sarah callen

Sarah J Callen is an entrepreneur and published author, currently living in Dallas, Texas. She cohosts The Strategic Whimsy Experiment podcast, a weekly gathering place where they have conversations about the films that shape our lives. Her motto is: Every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story is worthy of being shared.

Listen to The Strategic Whimsy Experiment wherever you get your podcasts. You can connect with Sarah on her website,, or on social media @sarahjcallen.

scot loyd

Scot Loyd is a follower of Jesus Christ, activist and a liberal arts educator. In all these roles, he is continually pressured by social expectations of what he should be. Through his writing, speaking, and activism he hopes to demonstrate that the solution to the problems of both religion and politics lie in being inclusive to diversity, rather than trying to wall others in to our own expectations. Scot also seeks to challenge others to think clearly and critically about what they believe and why they behave in accordance with or in contradiction of those beliefs. Scot has coached champion collegiate debate teams and individuals, and has been featured as a keynote speaker to various National and International audiences. Scot has earned two Masters degrees, in Communication Studies and The Philosophy of Heritage Studies, at Arkansas State University, where he is also a PhD candidate in Heritage Studies. He is currently serving at Oklahoma Baptist University.

elijah davidson

Elijah Davidson is a writer and film scholar living in Los Angeles. He is the author of How to Talk to a Movie: Movie Watching as a Spiritual Exercise. His forthcoming book, as yet untitled, is a devotional journey through the greatest films in the history of cinema. Stay updated by signing up for his newsletter, Bearing Witness.